Volunteer Resources

Hey Team!
Here you will find all the forms and information you need to get started.

I have an training or small gathering I want to do for my team. Can I use the Kingstowne Campus?
Yes, BUT it depends on the day and time. Fill out this form and we will let you know if it’s available.

I need to purchase some for my team. What do I do?
1) Submit a request by filling out this form.
2) Once you get approval. Purchase the item.
3) Fill out this form and email this form and the receipts to: bethany@capcitychurch.com and bookkeeper@capcitychurch.com.

My team wants to do an event that we’d like advertised. What do I do next?
Fill out this form and we will get back to you!

I want to hold a personal event at the Kingstowne?
Awesome! Fill out this form here and we will get back to you on availability and prices.

Can I get this graphic made?
Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you.

Other forms:

Incident reporting form: https://capcitychurch.com/incident-report/