the journey with Christ

As you continue in your spiritual journey, we encourage you to take time & invest in yourself. By integrating these principles into your daily life, you will literally be transformed from the inside out. As you grow, you will be empowered and equipped to fulfill the amazing purpose God has in store for you!

Bible Study

The Bible is an important part of our spiritual growth, it’s God’s Word to us. Think of the Word as your lifeline; make it a habit to read your Bible everyday. His Word is alive and relative to everything we are dealing with today, no matter how big or small we think it is!

The first thing to do is to find a translation that is easy for you to understand and begin to look through the New Testament. One great way to check out various translations is to go to YouVersion, a free online bible. A couple easy-to-read translations to try are Today’s New International Version and the New Living Translation. You might want to start by reading the books of John and Romans.


Prayer is simply communicating with God by talking and listening. We tend to complicate things, but prayer doesn’t have to be complicated. As we pray, telling God what is on our hearts as well as listening to him, we deepen our relationship with God and grow stronger. We also believe that God can invade any situation, no matter how difficult or impossible when we pray and believe. At Capital City Church, we believe prayer is the bedrock behind everything we do. We have incorporated prayer into the life of the church at every level, just was we would encourage you to do too in everyday life.

Regular Sunday Attendance

While there are so many ways to be fed spiritually these days, we believe there is something irreplaceable about physically just “being in the House”. We believe that spending just one moment in God’s presence, hearing just one word from Him, can be the difference-maker. The amazing thing is, you’ll find that by showing up to Church regularly, your joy, your peace, and your life will begin to overflow and you will be the difference-maker for so many around you.


One of the greatest secrets in life is that by serving others, even in the smallest of ways, our lives become enriched beyond measure. 


We hope that as you become connected with the vision of Capital City Church, you will take the next step and join a LifeGroup.