Easter – The Power of Words

Do you ever feel like you’ve been called to do something, but aren’t capable or qualified enough to do it?  If so, you’d be in good company.  David was a shepherd.  Moses had a stuttering problem.  Paul was a murderer.  Noah…well, Noah may have enjoyed a certain beverage a little too much at times.  And then there was Mary Magdalene.  On Easter Sunday, after Jesus first came back to life, the first person he appeared to was Mary Magdalene.  (Jn. 20:11)  The same Mary who once had seven demons. He didn’t appear to Peter or John, even though they were his closest disciples and the ones who looked for him first.  He chose Mary.  He didn’t choose the most educated, most spiritual, or most loyal person.  He chose Mary.
The history of Christianity is built on the backs of the unqualified.  Over and over again, when God wanted to do something great, He didn’t pick the perfect candidate or the most qualified candidate.  Instead, He usually chose the most unlikely person, the one no one else would choose.  God doesn’t need your skills, abilities, or knowledge to do what He wants to do.  His decision to choose you makes you qualified for what He wants.  So, the next time you feel that calling from God to go for something you unqualified for, go for it.  His calling has already qualified you!
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The Struggle is Real, part 3

Do you remember Eeyore from the Winnie the Pooh stories? He was the donkey who was always pessimistic. He walked around constantly expecting the worst to happen, never allowing himself to hope for good things to come. Now, can you imagine if he were a Christian? What do you think others who saw him would think of God? They would think He doesn’t care about people, and doesn’t want what’s best for us. They would have no idea just how much He loves us!

That’s why our responses to our struggles in our life are so important. They’re not just a reflection of our faith in God, they also help us tell the world around us how great our God is! When we struggle, we need to choose to remain focused on His promises, knowing that He will deliver us from our problems. In hard times, we can’t be wearing our Eeyore hat. Instead, we need to take captive EVERY thought, especially the negative ones, and make them all obedient to Christ. (2 Cor. 10:5). When we choose to tune out the negativity and stay focused on God, the people around us will see how the ways of this world can’t bring us down. They’ll see the incredible joy that comes from our choice and want to experience it for themselves. So the next time you struggle, remember to choose to focus on God. Your response won’t just be for your own benefit, it also can glorify God to all those around you!

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Entrusted, Part 3

Everyone has struggled with and eventually overcome adversity in their life. Some of us have risen to success after starting with very little. Others have reached great heights despite a physical or mental disability. There are those who have won basketball games despite being injured, and even those who were able to save their local rec center from evil developers through the amazing art of breakdancing. But what happens after these triumphs occur? Do we let them fade away into history, only occasionally surfacing in the form of trophies or scars? Or will we let them continue to live on as testimony?

Believe it or not, your testimony is one of your most powerful possessions. In addition to your finances, your skills, and your relationships, God has entrusted you with your testimony. (Rom. 11:36). God did not give us our triumphs to hoard in our minds as fond memories for ourselves. There will always be someone else struggling with what you’ve already overcome. What you’ve persevered through and triumphed over can inspire those all around you. By sharing our stories with others, we can reach those who are suffering and glorify God by showing them how great God was for us, and how great He wants to be for them. Today, don’t withhold your victories. Share them, and inspire the world!

Tell us about one time you succeeded through adversity! And if you want to hear more, check out the podcast: http://podcasts.capcitychurch.com/sermons/entrusted-part-iii

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