Every ministry at Capital City Church is passionately consumed with this goal – leading people towards full devotion, and that is exactly the purpose of Vision Builders. Our giving as Vision Builders will go
toward resourcing and “housing” the vision God has given us and will enable us to move forward and see more people’s lives flourishing in Him.

As we look towards our future, we encourage you to pray about your involvement. We have a God-given opportunity to be among the first to lead the way in what we know will be history in the making. Never underestimate the power of your generosity.



Capital City Church is full of faithful and generous people. Vision Builders see it as a part of their mandate in life to financially resource the ever-increasing vision of our church. Their ongoing and faithful generosity will make a significant impact as we move forward undertaking the vital ministry of our House. Our Vision Builders set the culture of Capital City Church in regard to financial stewardship.



Not everyone is able to contribute at the level of a Vision Builder, yet their gift is no less important. For our church to be able to achieve all that is it is called to, we need everyone to partner with us. Each one of us is a Kingdom Giver. If you are unable to be part of Vision Builders, then we encourage you to continue to be involved in this exciting journey as a Kingdom Giver. Every one of us can do something!



Hosted by Senior Pastors Dennis and Donna Pisani, Vision Builders presents an opportunity to attend an inspiring program of events designed to equip you with principles for successful living. These catered breakfasts, dinners, and seminars are by invitation only and are meant to encourage, motivate, and build-up our Vision Builders. A gift of carefully chosen resource material is given to our Vision Builders at each function.

For more information contact visionbuilders@capcitychurch.com.